Wilderness Trails Skills

This unique training offers a great platform for aspirant or qualified guides or nature lovers to learn and reunite with meaningful wilderness activities. We strongly believe that the wilderness experience could be a striking foundation in the lives and careers of those with passion for nature as well as its inhabitants, sustaining a life time culture of conservation.

Birding in the Bush

Bird watching being a hobby continues to grow immensely in popularity during the past decade, and at the moment guests to the wilderness areas wish to accomplish more than just spotting large game. Due to this trend on the ecotourism front, we have come up with Birding in the Bush training course to bring you more adventure, memories and experiences.

Safari Guide

This Safari Guide training course is made for those people who want to experience a great safari holiday, whilst understanding about the environment they’re in. A month of dwelling and learning in nature at the wilderness camps will enable you to get the practical and theoretical knowledge of the natural environment and the wildlife in safari – an ultimate wilderness immersion.


We offer the essential knowledge and training for all those seeking to do a conservation-orientated career or those simply seeking a fantastic safari bush and wildlife experience. Create your own wilderness experience amid the stunning landscapes and the breathtaking diversity of the animal kingdom. You will surely acquire valuable knowledge and useful skills in daily practice.

Experience the spectacular beauty of the native flora and fauna. It’s an chance to experience the amazing Savannah each day and appreciate the native animals. You’ll go on safari every day and discover what you should do in order to handle this natural landscape respectfully and sustainably.

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Experience Wild Africa With Kids At These Family Friendly Lodges

For any nature lover the opportunity to visit Africa and experience the majesty of the unspoiled wilderness that has made the continent into one of the favorite tourist destinations for those want to connect with the natural world. However all to often marketing efforts are aimed at couples, or newlyweds who are after the trip of a lifetime.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, a trip to Africa will be an unforgettable experience and what way to better start married life than to wonder at the beauty and majesty of Africa.

However, what about those families with young children who also want to experience the delight of unspoiled nature?

For those family units there is great news there are some spectacular lodges that will go that extra mile to ensure that even the youngest of children will be able to share in the beauty and delight that is Africa at her finest.

SO if you are looking for a child friendly safari experience in Africa - what are some of the best lodges that should be on your radar?

1. Kwandwe Ecca Lodge- South Africa.

If you want to spend some quality time outdoors in the bushveld of South Africa then the lodges at this destination are ideal - for you and the kids. With 54,000 acres to explore and home to all of Africa's Big Five - this is a place of wonder for young and old alike. And the Ecca Lodge has not skimped on attractions for the little ones. this is a place that will encourage exploration, wonder and imagination.

The 'Hooves and Stripes' tour will expose kids to some of the less fierce of Africa's wildlife such as giraffes and Zebra. Fishing trips - with a highly experienced ranger and an exploration of insects in the area as well as face painting and an exploration of just what being a responsible eco aware person are all about mean that the kids will come away excited and enlightened.

2.The Ant’s Nest, Waterberg- South Africa.

Situated in a malaria free zone (and that's important for those who have very young kids accompanying them) this lodge is not only beautiful but an absolutely ideal venue for families.

This lodge can be found in a private game reserve which is packed to the brim with animals such as Rhino, Wildebeest, Antelope, Giraffe and Zebra.

This is one of those lodges that takes its responsibility to educate kids - while still allowing them to have fun very seriously.

Reptile talks, tracking excursions, game drives tailored for little ones and horse riding / pony riding are only the tip of the iceberg And it's refreshing to know that the staff are extra accommodating about meals - kids will be taken care of by having those meal times shifted around if required - and PJ's are welcome in the dining areas.

3. The Mara Intrepids Camp - Kenya.

This camp is situated in one of the richest natural areas of the African continent. Kids will be enthralled by the fact that they get to live in a luxury tent (although that doesn't really do the accommodation justice).

In the Maasai Mara National Reserve the younger members of the family will be taken under the wing of highly experienced Maasai guides and naturalists who are delighted to host little ones ones in talks about the beauty and splendor of the African bush and how to survive in an often hostile environment.

These are only a few examples of the sorts of lodges that are out there waiting with open arms to welcome families who are accompanied by children of all ages. Book your trip to the Mother Continent today.

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The Best Safari Lodges In Botswana And Zimbabwe

There are many destinations across the globe that will provide those in search of unspoiled nature with an experience that will not easily be forgotten. however for those in search of memories that will last a lifetime there is an adventure waiting on the Mother Continent - Africa.

This is where those who really want to immerse themselves in wildlife that is roaming across the Savannah will find safari lodges that offer an iconic African experience.

This can mean living a dream of what Africa was like hundreds of years ago, experiencing a diverse array of wildlife while still enjoying a holiday experience in the lap of luxury.

Southern Africa is arguably the best place to enjoy a safari and two of the best countries to do this in are Zimbabwe and Botswana.

For those in search of adventure here are some of the best safari lodges that those two countries have to offer.

1. The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge - Zimbabwe.

This lodge has built a reputation for excellence. For two decades it has been voted the best lodge in Zimbabwe - and visitors will not take long to realize why.

The African feel oozes from the pores of this fantastic lodge and the watering hole where guests can see elephant and buffalo gather in the rays of the setting sun is a delight. It doesn't hurt that those gusts will be enjoying cocktails at the same time and also looking forward to a dinner prepared by some of the best chefs in sub Saharan Africa.

2. The Victoria Falls Safari Club - Zimbabwe.

For those in search of an intimate experience and exclusivity this 20 room safari lodge ticks all the boxes.

The private lounge and adjoining viewing deck where gusts are treated to spectacular sunsets and Africa at its most unspoiled while also enjoying the complimentary neck and shoulder massage certainly takes indulgence to a new level - but in this setting relaxation is simply unavoidable.

3. Lokuthula Lodges - Zimbabwe.

For those who prefer the self catering lodge experience, but still want the best of a luxury safari experience this lodge is just about as perfect as it is possible to be.

The lodges are available in both two and three bedroom variants with the two bedrooms sleeping 6 and the three bedrooms accommodating up to eight people.

Guests can also opt for the bed and breakfast option.

From the comfort of the lodges guests will be able to experience an intimate connection with the surrounding wildlife. Wandering warthog and various buck species as well as incredible bird life make this an experience to be savored.

4. The Ngoma Safari Lodge - Botswana.

This safari lodge is in an area which plays host to one of the largest elephant herds in the world. It has been described by leading tourism magazines as possibly the best safari lodge in the world.

Overlooking the Chobe River floodplain guests will be able to marvel at vast herds of Zebra and wandering herds of elephant. Add to this buffalo and the opportunity to travel the Chobe River to see elephant crossing, trunks held high as the submerge themselves in the deepest parts of this magnificent waterway and you have the recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Any trip into the wilds of Africa will provide awe inspiring vistas and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a continent that, although developing still boasts some of the most unspoiled wilderness in the world. It will inevitably be the trip of a lifetime and the combination of wonder at the natural marvels of Africa along with immersion in pure luxury should part of every nature lovers bucket list.

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Tips On How To Become A Safari Guide

Safari guides are people who give advice to visitors on how to carry themselves on a tour when observing different habitats together with various animals in a park. Notably, these people always wear armor of enthusiasm, passion and have full knowledge about their country since the visitors they usually meet are guests from different countries. Moreover, they are all rounded expertise in the field and have a greater focus on their work as guides. The paper therefore outlines on ways through which one can become a safari guide.

Ways To Consider Towards Becoming A Qualified Safari Guide

Most at times, safari guide trainings focus on preventing both guests and guides on matters of suffering and also deaths. For instances of snake venom, one has to have a grip of how to prevent this and lead the guests to the less lethal species in case they want to have a look at snakes. In addition, the safari guides ought to be trained on the terrain and landscape of the park so that in case they are to drive the guests around they have full understanding of the danger zones.

Understanding any animal’s behavior is so much critical to any safari guide, this is determined on the direction of the wind. For the latter, a guide is able to understand on the type of animals present during the changes in wind direction. Other important factors to consider when identifying the type of animal behavior include: Comfort of the guest, sun, elevation, cover and escape routes. Nonetheless, an animal can play exactly same guides roles especially when the couple of guests excuse themselves to answer questions on call of nature. Upon their return, the facilities already get invaded by animals thus they get into a safer position to watch and take pictures of them.

The safari guides are taught to live in the bush as their home as the wild place is full of death and life as a daily occurrence. Monitoring and keeping an eye on an injured animal or sick one is key. In general, the guides are left to mother the nature and block any form of man intrusion to the later. They are therefore taught on ways to defend themselves and their guests in case of any aggressive animal or even poachers.

Knowing that the middle finger is 8 cm long, which gives a rough estimate of the length of either a porcupine or a Warthog’s track. Animals’ body and length can be confirmed by the distance between the hoof prints. For example, an elephant first places down its heel creating a compacted track to mark the travel direction. Several other animals have unique track marking behaviors which can only be identified with key observations.

Moreover, there’s more to be done for the tour guides that sometimes really drain them, they should have insights of unblocking drains, painting and also fixing worn out tires.

Sometimes the guests need to be entertained after having had a close watch at the bigger animals for the past few hours. Ensure that one knows all arthropods present in a park, like spinning a wasp fig into a little bit of drama close to a game of thrones.

Drawn from part of the discussion, for many of the safari guides, the biggest challenge to them is the anticipation that every guest has in mind whenever they tour any place of their interest. Furthermore belittling the guest scope of getting inspiration of the little insects, birds and grasses is daunting a task to most safari guides. This is because every visitor that travels worldwide has a big five mind.

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Why Pursue A Job As A Safari Guide?

There are a number of locations around the world where safari guides are in great demand, these include places like certain countries in the Middle East and the wilder parts of North and South Africa. However, for those who want to explore the very pinnacle of what it means to be a guide there is really only one destination that will satisfy them and this is the Mother Continent - Africa.

And for those who want to become safari guides there can simply be no more wonderful place to enjoy the grandeur of nature as in the distant past.

But aside for an inherent love of smells, sights and sounds of the African continent why would anyone want to become a safari guide? The hours are long, sometime the bush can be a harsh place to spent week after week and the stresses and stains of taking care of an ever changing clientele - as well as the dangers of the bush all contribute to a job that can be frustrating and extremely stressful.

But for most safari guides it is a labor of love. They enjoy people and find that the complex webs of relationships between flora and fauna and species is something that simply makes them feel fulfilled.

There is also an undoubted satisfaction of seeing the joy and wonder on people's faces when they spend time in the African bush. each day brings something new, but there is a also a certain timelessness to the rising of the sun and the setting in that blaze of glory that only Africa can deliver - and also in the passing of the seasons and the cycles of death and rebirth that surround those who call Africa home - if only for a little while.

The sheer variety of the functions that a safari guide will fulfill for guests does keep the job fresh and interesting. Imagine if you will a week with a select group of guests where one is called upon to be a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a teller of tails, a cook and a guide. For those who love people and the bush this comes just about as close to being the perfect job as is possible.

A safari guide will be required to calmly and patiently reveal natures secrets to guest, but at the same time, either from the back of a vehicle or on foot to share some of the excitement of the African bush. It is this responsibility that makes it essential that the good safari guide combine the artistry and deep feeling for the natural world with a wealth of scientific knowledge.

And it is not only the responsibility of imparting knowledge that they must assume. The African bush can be dangerous. There are animals that can injure or kill in a heartbeat. The safari guide must be able to control the adrenaline of the guests, while at the same time allowing them to share in the excitement of the safari experience. it is a thin line to walk.

Every day as a safari guide is one of personal growth. Learning about responsibility, selflessness and sincerity are only some of the skills that the safari guide will pick up as they become more experienced. he or she will never stop on that journey of self discovery.

During that journey he or she will be exposed to some of the most wonderful spectacles that nature has to offer. elephant at watering holes, a lion kill or hers of majestic animals moving across the Savannah. there can be no greater privilege than that - and to share it with others is even more of a privilege.

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